Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brookelynne is 9 Months Old!

My darling little girl is growing up way too fast, and today turns 9 months old! It is so hard to believe that she's 75% of the way to 1 year old. She doesn't have her doctor's appointment until next week, so I'll have to post her official 'stats' then, but I'll list for you now all the new things that she's doing this month!

~ We just put up all of her 6 month clothes, as they are too tight/short/small, and she is wearing 9 and 12 month clothes!
~ She has been taking steps while holding one hand for a few weeks now, but today is officially a walker! She's still not sure which foot to use when and sometimes takes 2 left steps for every right one, or vice versa, but she gets where she's headed, so I'm sure that that will work itself out. :)
~ She is back to sleeping through the night again (this had been a struggle since she cut her first two teeth) but with some creative feeding schedules and later bedtimes, she's not waking me up at 3 am anymore.
~ Speaking of teeth, she's cutting her top right front tooth just today! I see the white for the first time and *hope* it will come on down in the next day or so.
~ She has mastered feeding herself. She had a really hard time with picking things up and putting them in her mouth for the longest time and was really behind the other kids her age who were eating puffs and cheerios at 6 months, but in the last couple of weeks it has just clicked and we've had to start vacuuming WAY MORE OFTEN! haha
~ She's been going through some separation anxiety this month. Mostly at church, since I'm almost always with her, she freaks out when she looks around and realizes that I'm not in the room with her. :( Thankfully, she'll calm down for Mitch and usually for my mom, but there are days when only Mama will do. Thankfully she did great at the nursery last night, so maybe she's already outgrown it!
~ She's a Daddy's-Girl!!! Seriously to a fault. Mitch was on vacation this past week and we had to do some tough-love exercises because she thinks that if Daddy is in the house, that he should be giving her his undivided attention. She chases him around then house and cries for him to hold her. She bursts into tears anytime he tries to set her down or even give her to me, and she is inconsolable unless you can distract her!
~ She has a love-hate relationship with Tama. She thinks Tama is hilarious most of the time and then there are other times that Tama just walks near her and she bursts into tears. She may have a flare for the
~ She still loves playing on the bed, and loves to just stand up and fall down over and over when she's up there with Daddy. She seems to have figured out that she can't fall back like that anywhere else. [Thankfully]
~ She hasn't been eating as well for us in the bast month or so, and I'm hoping that she's just evened out on her hunger level until her next growth spurt! She's eating 1.5 jars of food in the morning, not quite 1 for lunch, and 2 or 3 for dinner. She does eat puffs/cheerios during the day as well. She's taking four 6oz bottles of breast milk a day as well as 8-12oz of juice/water each day.
~ She's become terrified of anything that makes loud noise, which is ironic since none of that has ever bothered her before. But you don't want to vacuum, blow off the porch or crank up the mower when she is within eye sight of the thing! She screams and holds on so tight to whoever has her that she's literally crawling up you. It's kinda silly!

That's all that I can think of right now, and since Brooke is asleep early, that is my cue to do the same! I still can't believe that she's been a part of our lives for this long or how much more I love her each day. I am so grateful to have her and so blessed to be chosen to be her mom.

Brookelynne just finished her 9 month appt with Dr Kim. Daddy took her to this one all by himself because Mommy was at VBS still, but being the Mommy she is, she sent a note and Dr Kim did a great job of answering all my questions, not only for me (on the paper), but also for Mitch in person. She is good and healthy, with no problems at all right now. She was 24 inches long and 18 lbs 9 oz. She's in the 75% for her height and the 50% for her weight. She's gotten soooo big! :)

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  1. Such a big girl! I really REALLY need to do Dallas's 10 month update. I'm already 2 weeks late!