Thursday, February 11, 2010

One specialist down, at least one more to go...

Brooke in her pretty brown dress

This morning we saw the dermatologist and she was very nice. She looked at the spot on Brooke's neck and told me that it is one of four things...

1. It could be nothing at all, and go away on its own, because it's in the crease of her neck, it may just be taking a while or be a type of birthmark. Apparently there are some birthmarks that do scab and 'heal' and then repeat, but she's not comfortable saying it's that because that kind is always on the skull. Those also go away on their own by a year of age.

2. Its a manifestation of some sort of infection

3. Its a 'growth', as in tumor, and may be a form of skin cancer.

4. Its a sinus tract.

The only way to find out if it's 1,2, or 3 is to do a biopsy, but she's not comfortable sticking a needle anywhere near it until we're 100% sure that there is no sinus tract behind it, so I have to go see the ENT on the 3rd to rule out #4, before we continue. If it is a sinus tract, there are two options, as I understood it so far. They have to go in and remove the tract, or if it is almost completely closed, they can do something with out surgery. (but I don't know what that is). If the ENT says that it is not sinus tract, then we have a few different things to do, we need to watch it for the next 6-8 months. If at anytime it has a different growth or scab from the ones she's had, we need to take her back, because that would indicate possible skin cancer. If after a year old it is still there but not changing, then we need to take her back because that would indicate that its the manifestation thing. So for right now, we're just hanging... Her appointment with the ENT is on March 3rd and hopefully we will have an answer at the end of that visit, but who really knows.

This is my stinker in her new activity table from Nay Nay! Not quite tall enough yet!

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