Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gameday Cookies and a Dawgs Win!

My Mama's Mama was a Georgia Bulldog fan, and therefore, so is my Mama, and So am I. :) While I love the Noles, and chose to root for them, the Dawgs have a special place in my heart and I love rooting them on and no weekend is that more true than Florida-Georgia weekend! :) I always watch the game with my mom, and this year was no different. Both my parents converged on the house 45 minutes before game time, just long enough for us to eat dinner and get started on B&B's first time making cookies. :) From Scratch.

Here's Paw Paw pouring the chips and nuts in and helping them stir.

My Little Georgia Girl, and Cute Georgia Boy!

Lastly, Brookelynne helped Gabba put the cookie dough on the pans. She and Braxton learned quickly that cookie dough tastes great and that its fun and silly to eat it! :)

Best part of the day was, Of Course, that Georgia won! :) Yay! Go Dawgs!

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