Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brookelynne's 3!

Our beautiful little girl is 3 years old already. It seems like just yesterday she came into the world as a beautiful, precious baby, with precious little features and the most amazing little spirit. She's a bundle of fun and energy that is as smart, funny, adorable and lovable as she can be. We still can't believe she's three!

We had her checkup a couple weeks after her birthday and her stats are in!
Height is 39" which is in the 90th percentile and her Weight is 31 lbs which is in the 50th percentile.

She's growing like a weed, as is obvious by the height percentile she has, and stands taller than almost all of her friends (Her friend Logan who is 4 weeks older, is 3 inches taller :) But, he's kinda of like a giant. JK! He's precious too!) Anyway, she has no trouble keeping up with kids 8 months or even a year older than her, and loves learning anything she can.

She's talking in full sentences, and can pretty much say anything she wants to say.  She's also learning sign language and has already learned "Nice to meet you", "Where's Daddy?", "He's at work", "He's at home", "Excuse Me", several colors, several family members, as well as all the basics (please, thank you, sorry, eat, drink, etc). She's doing really well with it and doesn't take long to catch on to anything I try to teach her. She really enjoys it, and loves teaching it to Braxton too.

She's wearing 4T clothes, as all the 3T stuff is too short on her arms and legs. She's in size 10 shoes and loves getting new ones. She likes shiney ones, boots, tennis shoes, flip flops, pretty much any kind of shoe. Its pretty hilarious.

She's learned 6 or 8 Bible verses and is great at memorizing. She refuses to memorize phone numbers, as we have tried to teach her, lol. She doesn't seem to understand the concept of double numbers (Mitch's number has 33 in it and mine has 22, she will just say one of them and keep going.)

She loves playing pretend, doing puzzles and snuggling with her Mama! What a blessing she is! We're so thankful for her!
 Brookelynne at 2 1/4

 2  1/2

 2 3/4 years old

Brookelynne is 3 years old!

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