Thursday, November 10, 2011

A trip to the Zoo.....

Mitch has been on vacation this week, so we've been trying to get a lot done. Unfortunately, we really haven't. lol. But since we weren't getting stuff done around the house, I figured we should get out of the house all together! So we took a trip to the zoo! We love going to the zoo with Brookelynne because she loves it so much and now Brax is getting to the age where he is starting to notice the animals, so it's becoming even MORE fun! This was the first time we've gone as a family of four!

We had a great time and started by heading toward the back instead of taking the African loop, and before we even got 15 yrd down, we saw a very active leopard pacing in his habitat. :) We got both kids out of the stroller and were so glad that he kept pacing. Braxton saw it and watched it very intently! Then we stopped at the giraffes, because we wanted the kids to feed them. It's one of our favorite exhibits, especially when its not crowded (which it wasn't), so we got to go up to the giraffes all by ourselves, and not worry about people pushing or rushing us. :) Brookelynne and Braxton both got to feed the giraffes and Daddy helped them do it! Of course, we stopped by the giant metal elephants for a picture, and then headed toward the Jaguars.

We stopped to see the flamingos, one of Brooke's other favorites, and Brookelynne reminded us how they stand! :) It was so cute! And then we headed to the bird sanctuary there. We went in and saw several birds bathing at the entrance, as well as some very active HUGE turtles in the water. Then we walked over to the otter window and were delighted to find two otters playing and swimming. They played and swam for 15 minutes while B&B watched them and chased them back and forth. Mitch took about 100 pictures of this, but I'll just give you a few :).

On our way out of the exhibit, we let the babes stand on a bench and look at the group of ducks sitting together. They really liked that! Then we checked on the jaguars (which weren't there, as usual) and headed into the "Lost Temple" exhibit. We saw snakes and frogs, as well as a lizard eating. Then we saw some very active bats, and 2 very funny armadillos! They were chasing each other around in circles and Brooke thought they were very funny! Then the kids got to stand and watch the anteater pace in front of them. Brax really liked that!

Then we headed on back to the Austrailian loop, because I really Mitch to see the exhibit where you can feed the birds and they land on you. Because, well, that's just awesome. lol. We didn't buy any nectar this time because the last few times I've been in there, the birds were full, and I've come to the conclusion that if you arrive after about 9:45, then there's no point because the school kids have all fed them. Anyway, we walked in and I was happy to see only 3 other people in the exhibit. And there were several birds, right by the door at eye level or lower for B&B. I got one to step onto my finger, but Brooke was not going to get close to it! lol. Brax liked it, but I'm not sure he was even aware that it was an animal and not a toy! We walked around with Brooke pointing out the birds and then she saw another lady feeding a bird, and she was VERY interested in that. A minute later, as the lady was about to leave, she asked if we'd like the rest of her bird food, to try and feed one. We happily accepted! While still holding Brax I went around until I found a bird I thought would like some food, and sure enough he did! So I showed Brookelynne how to hold the cup, and then let her feed the bird! It was soooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooo SWEET! :)

After a minute or so, I got the bird on my hand so that we could move away from the corner we were sitting in. Once we sat down, Brax was bound and determined to get that bird. And then he saw another cup. One that only had a little bit of nectar in it, and started reaching. I was really hoping that he wanted to feed the bird too and had decided to do it, but alas, he only wanted to eat it. (Which I didn't allow him to do, of course!) But he was sure cute trying!

When we left the Australian bird sanctuary, we went to see the penguins. Once again, we found some very active animals. There were 20 or so penguins swimming right in front of the glass. Brooke got Daddy to pick her up to look down at them, but Brax enjoyed just looking up at them from the ground!

Before heading home, we stopped at the petting zoo. Something I RARELY do, lol. Anyway, I took Brax in and kept him from falling in the gross stuff and touching anything dirty, and we let Brooke pet/brush/see the goats. :) Here are some pics of that too!

I'm loving the days we have to go to the zoo as a family and am very thankful that my sweet husband took pictures most of the day, so I'm actually in them! lol :) Hope you enjoyed seeing the zoo through our eyes!

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