Saturday, November 19, 2011

FBC Preschoolers Fall Festival

This year our church had a great fall festival planned for our preschoolers, complete with tons of crafts, different age based games, bounce houses and a hayride! When I saw the flyer, I knew I wanted to take the kids, but since it was on a Friday night, I didn't know if we would be able to make it once Mitch got off of work. The kids had both had ear infections for the week before, so it wasn't even sure we were going to attempt it Friday morning, but I told Mitch to hurry home anyway, and if the kids were acting well, we'd go. :) Sure enough they were great! Mitch was able to get off around 4:45 and we were on the road to church at 6.

They had coloring sheets and thank you trees set up at all the tables, and Brookelynne enjoyed those for several minutes. Once she was done coloring we moved to the texture bins in the back of the dining room. These were so fun for both of the kids since they  had multiple bins set up with different items hidden in beans or corn or sand. Here's a shot of Brookelynne fishing something out!

Braxton enjoyed these too, but we had to keep an eye on him, because [as usual] he wanted to eat everything! lol While we were there, Shelly got up and spoke about thankfulness and how God wants us to be thankful. They had a slide show as well as a 'table talk' packet for all the parents that was filled with different Biblical topics to discuss with your preschoolers at the dinner table as well as how to explain those topics in their language.

Once the presentation was over, we went into the 'Under 2' room to play. :) Braxton went straight to the ball pit, and loved it! He was picking up all the balls and kept rolling around in them. Daddy would pick up the sides and shake it a little so that it would move all the balls around and Brax would laugh, it was soo cute! Here's a shot of him and his friend Davis sitting together! Look at that grin on my boy!

Then we moved onto some of the other toys which included a tunnel. Brookelynne showed Braxton how to crawl through it, and he followed suit very well! :) Here's my little man coming through the tunnel, laughing as he comes!

As we got out of the tunnel, I picked up Brax and saw blood running out of his ear. I was definitely not happy. As I mentioned, both of the kids had had ear infections that week, and we had been 'cleaning ears' every night before bed, and by 'we', I mean 'me', but Brookelynne saw things differently. Right before we left the house, I heard Brax scream, ran into the room and found Brooke holding the little tool I use to clean their ears, and when I asked her what happened, she said "I clean Brax ears". At the time, I calmed Brax, looked in his ears and didn't see anything, so we came to church like planned. At this point, after seeing the blood, I decided to call the doctors office. While waiting for a call back, we migrated to the craft tables, and Brookelynne took advantage of many of these. Here she is making a turkey. She had to place the tissue paper and then press it down :) She had so much fun making it and the teachers assigned to the tables were very impressed with her!

Braxton and Brookelynne both did hand prints and Daddy helped them so much!  We put them on the fridge and LOVE them! After the hand prints were done, we moved to the next room and Brooke did more crafts in the older room.

When the doctor called back, they said that we should probably go to the ER just to be safe, so we rounded up the kids and hit a few more 'attractions' before heading across the bridge. Brookelynne did the blow up slide outside (even though she didn't want to at first) and once she had done it once, she didn't want to get off! She slid at least 10 times after that!

And of course, we got a family photo at the wagon! :) We had a great time and were so thankful that our church planned something so sweet for their youngest members! Can't wait for next year!

And for those of you who are dying to know what happened with Brax's ear, we went to the ER where they put us in a 'fast track room' and a doctor came and checked his ear out. He had to clean out the blood several times (like 5 or 6 cue tips worth) and still couldn't see well, but was sure that Brooke had not punctured the ear drum, but had scraped the side of the ear wall and caused it to bleed. This was later confirmed by his pediatrician when we went back for the ear infection follow up. (Which hadn't cleared up, so we're onto another antibiotic. See if this works)

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