Friday, July 22, 2011

Guess who's 6 months old already?!???!?

That's right! Mr Braxton James Pearson is!

Seriously. Where. Has. The. Time. Gone??? It seems like it has flown by even faster than it did with Brooke. I guess it really is true; the older you get the faster time flies.

Anyway, lets get to the stuff you really want to know, right? Our big boy is growing like a weed, and while I don't have his stats yet because he doesn't get his shots until next week, I can tell you he's at least 16 lbs already. I'll update his official stats when I get them, but in the meantime, lets look at all the other things he has going on!

Height/Length:                     26 inches      
Weight:                                 17 lbs 4 oz         
Head Circumference:            45 cm

*  He is in 6-9 or 9 month clothes. I had to put all of his 6 month clothes up a little over a month ago because he was just not fitting into them. He wears most of his 9 month stuff well, but the pants are a little longs still.

* He LOVES to swing. Seriously loves it. We have put up a play set in the back yard and of course have a baby swing for him, and he loves it. He'll contently swing back and forth for an hour or more, as he watches Brookelynne play around him.

* He can sit up if his legs aren't straight. I know that sounds silly, but if you put him on the edge of a table or in a chair that his legs and bend at the knee, he'll sit up by himself and not lean back on the back of the chair, but if you sit him up with his legs straight in front of him, he can't stay that way. I'm pretty sure he and Brookelynne have the same problem that their Mama has, short muscles and little flexibility!

*  He regressed for a few weeks this month and went back to waking up in the middle of the night for some reason. I tried not to feed him, but just give him his paci and sooth him, and most of the time he would go back to sleep. Needless to say, I was getting exhausted pretty quick with all the other things we have going on, so I'm happy to say that little man is back to sleeping like a big boy, all night long. :)
*  He is becoming so interactive! He's always loved for you to be entertaining him, and would smile, coo or laugh in response, but now he's physically reaching for things that you show him or trying to play with toys when he sees Brooke doing it. My dad was holding them both just a few days ago with  a pop up toy in his lap. Brookelynne would pop 4 of them and then Brax would reach over and push the button to pop the other one! He was so cute and happy to play with them!

*  I finally found shoes for him!!! lol I know this may sound stupid, but the boy would NOT keep shoes on his feet. Not sandals, not dress shoes, not tennis shoes, nothing. Within a couple of minutes he would have managed to kick them off. I was starting to get frustrated that I would have a walker that wouldn't want to wear shoes, but I finally found some that fit him and stay on his feet! We even made it through a whole day at the zoo without them coming off!
* He went to VBS! :) Just like Brookelynne did last year (and this year) Braxton went to Vacation Bible School this year and loved it! He had an entire room full of ladies loving on him each day and teaching him about Jesus. He also got to go outside with Mama's class (Brookelynne's class) one day and ride on the train and ride on a horse! Here's a picture of him riding the horse! He really liked it, and he enjoyed the train as well! :) We're so thankful for a church that values preschoolers enough to have such great programs for them!

* The comment I get most often about our baby boy is "He's a happy baby isn't he?" No matter where we are or what we're doing, someone will see him grinning as big as possible and be so impressed with what a happy baby he is!

* On July 2, Braxton went to the beach for the first time! :) He was the only boy among girls and had a great time being loved on, napping and feeling the water and sand on his toes!

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