Monday, September 23, 2013

Feels like Home

This morning as I drove around Durham, a peace came over me. This is 'home' now. No, its not permanent, and no, its not where my husband is, and no, its not where my kids are, but for the next several months, this little town is 'home'.

This place with multiple interstates, expressways and highways, all merging and/or intersecting each other at seemingly random intervals, never going north, south, east or west, but twisting and turning in mind-numbing ways. No one could ever accuse this place of being set up on a grid! ha! This place of "Main Street USA" storefronts, and a terrible inconsistency of street signs. (Seriously, I regularly search intersections for street sign where they do not exist or are hidden behind a tree/bush/other ridiculously random piece of nature). This place where I've never desired to go to, much less live in. This place is home.

And do you want to know the irony?

This place feels like home.

We arrived a few days ago, not knowing much about the place we were staying. Having seen pictures, I was confident it was plenty good enough, but never would have imagined how amazingly comfortable we would feel in this beautiful home. I'll do a post about the house at a later date, but suffices to say, its AMAZING, and totally a "God Thing".

Anyway, back to the point. I was driving down the road, in this unfamiliar place, expecting to feel lost, disconnected, homesick and sad, when I noticed a building as I passed it. It is (what I assume to be) a bottling/manufacturing plant for CocaCola. That might not mean much to most people, but my Granddaddy worked at Coke for over 35 years, retired from there in the 80s, and he passed away just 6 months after my mom's first transplant.  And here we are in a strange place for a very specific reason. To get my mom a SECOND lung transplant. It was as if the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart as I recognized that logo on the side of the building, "This is where you're supposed to be. You're right where I want you, and I want you to feel at home."

I don't know if our loved ones can see us from Heaven, my personal belief is that they have far better things to do in the presence of God than to worry about me, but at that moment, it was almost like my Granddaddy was in the seat beside me.

God continues to show Himself and His plan to us as we make this journey, and I just wanted to share that particular one with you all.

I'll be back-dating some posts on here in the coming days of things that have gone on with the Pearsons this year, as well as a few detailed posts about Mom and her journey for those of you who may not know what all is going on. And I'll continue to post about our adventure here in Durham, over and above what we post on the FB page.

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