Friday, November 23, 2012

Let us give thanks....

Thanksgiving is always a time of family togetherness, and this year was no different. We usually do Thanksgiving with my mom and then with my in laws, but this year my in-laws took a trip to my MIL's hometown, so we spent the better part of the day at my moms. There was plenty of cooking, eating and cleaning for us kids (Me, Amy, Josh and Mitch) and plenty of playing and truck rides for Paw Paw and the grandkids. :) Mom of course did the 'heavy lifting' with all the shopping, planning and a lot of cooking!

Here's me, keeping up with the dishes as we cooked.
Amy and I as we worked on all the side dishes.
Grandma Gwen did a great job on the deviled eggs. :) Look how cute she is!
Josh Cutting the Turkey
Brookelynne and Braxton had a great time playing in the back yard. Brookelynne was in her own kitchen 'cooking dinner' and Braxton and Paw Paw would go to work and come home to see what she had made for them. It was pretty cute. 

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