Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Braxton's Tubes

At the end of November, my sweet, sweet boy has had one very long ear infection, lasting for a full 6 weeks. We went through 5 oral antibiotics and 2 different ear drops. I first realized he had an ear infection because his ear drum busted and there was green gook coming out of his ear. Nothing was working and nothing was helping and the whole month of December, our little man was pretty fussy most of the time. A few days before Christmas the pediatrician referred me to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor (the same one that Brooke went to) and they agreed that it was very much time for tubes! I was really hoping they would say they could do it before the end of the year, but that was very unlikely anyway, and they did schedule it for January 4th.

We kept him on antibiotics through the first of the year, but he still had the ear infection when his surgery date came up. He developed a fever the day before his surgery, and there was a chance that they could cancel the surgery because of it, but THANKFULLY the anesthesiologist agreed that it was likely caused by his ear infection and the surgery was the best way for us to get rid of the infection. Mitch and I were up and at the hospital around 6:30. Little man was all bundled up and so stinking cute!

The whole process went MUCH smoother than with Brookelynne's surgery, and we were in the back for pre-op before any of the grandparents arrived to see us. They took him back around the time that Mitch's dad and my mom arrived, and we stopped in the waiting room to see them for a few minutes before going back to his little room to wait for him, they told us he'd be back in 20 minutes. Dr Maddern and the anesthesiologist came by to see us before he came, and let us know that everything went great. :)

When he arrived back to us, he looked like he was sound asleep! He was so sweet, drinking his bottle. Once we both held him for a minute, and loved on him, Mitch went out and let my mom come in, and then we switched, Mom headed back to work, and Mitch and his dad came back to see Brax. The nurses came through and gave Brax a Hess truck and race car, and sent us home. The whole thing only took a few hours and we were home before noon. Little man slept all morning, but by early afternoon he was pretty much back to normal. So thankful he's done so well! And we've been ear infection free since then!

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